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Range Rules:

  1. NMLRA Rules will apply except as modified herein.

  2. The Range Officer or his designated assistant is in complete charge of the Range. You must comply with his directions. The Range Officer's Word is Law! Any questions or disputes are to be directed to the Range Officer, and his rulling final.

  3. Load at the bench. Prime or cap at the firing line only!

  4. When on the firing line, keep the barrel pointed down-range.

  5. If you have a misfire at the line, keep the firearm pointed down-range. If you must make repairs, handle it as though it may fire at any moment. DON'T POINT IT AT ANYONE!

  6. NO SMOKING AT OR NEAR THE LOADING BENCH OR FIRING LINE! Keep all powder containers, flasks and powder horns closed. You must use a separate powder measure. No loading directly from horn or flask. (Flask may be used for Shotgun and Pistol matches.) NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES or drinking on the firing range.

  7. NO PRACTICE OR PLINKING ALLOWED ON FRIDAY, SATURDAY OR SUNDAY DURING THE RENDEZVOUS. (This rule applies only during the annual spring rendezvous, with the exception that during the monthly competitive shoots, there will be no practicing allowed.)

  8. No re-entry. (Competitive shoots.)

  9. Any youth under the age of 16 must have an adult present at all times who is experienced and knowledgeable in black powder firearms. In addition, the adult must load the weapon for any youth under the age of 12. The youth may also load the gun from age 12 to 16. At the Spring Rendezvous, we will have a special junior shoot for those under the age of 16.

  10. After all targets are posted for the first relay and the range is clear, the Range Officer will open the range.

  11. Relays will be run on a 30 minute shoot schedule.

  12. At the end of a relay, the Range Officer will call for any "Hot Ones". If anyone has a hot one(or loaded gun), he'll be allowed to shoot.

  13. Once all guns are cleared, the Range Officer will close the range.

  14. Once the range is closed, shooters will pull targets that have been shot completely. Anyone wishing to post a new target can do so at this time, if there is room.

  15. After targets are pulled and posted and the Range Officer has checked to see that the range is clear, the Range Officer will call "Range Open".

  16. At this time shooters can finish shooting any target they didn't finish during the previous relay and continue to their next target.

  17. All paper targets are shot and scored as one match, unless otherwise specified.

  18. SCORING - Men's rifle Match; Ladies Rifle Match; x-Stick Match; Pistol Match. If your posted target has MORE than 5 holes, or LESS than 5 holes in it, AND you have shot 5 times at it, DO NOT REMOVE the Range Officer for his ruling before you take it down. Pistol Match is a 10-shot match - same rules apply.

  19. Military holds not permitted, no chaw straps. Two-handed pistol hold permitted. No trigger posts. No hoods or shaders permitted on rifles or pistols in competition (Thompson Center Patriot pistols permitted).

  20. Pre-1861 design muzzleloaders and black powder cartridge weapons only. (Cartridge weapons not allowed for use in muzzleloader matches) No smokeless cartridge weapons and no modern "IN-LINE" actions (traditional style in-line actions permissible). Ferguson type flintlock actions are permissible. Firearms with ignition systems of the following types are permissible except as limited herein to-wit: Matchlocks, wheel locks, flintlocks, percussion (including side hammer and under hammer). Decision of the Range Officer concerning weapons which will be allowed to be used in all matches is final!

  21. No binoculars or spotting scopes permitted on the line (applicable to competitive matches only).

  22. Offhand position ONLY on all matches except X-Stick Match (applicable to competitive matches only).

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